About Us

Bollywood Hungama has been rocking people in SURREY and we are now open in South Surrey to get you on your feet & DANCE!
Welcome to Bollywood Hungama, the only dance school in Surrey & South Surrey which has a fantastic outlook towards dance! Our dance moves are a great routine that give you a fantastic cardio workout and you will have a lot of fun. We conduct classes for all ages and fitness levels for boys and girls; hence the dance routines are choreographed accordingly. We encourage our students, children and adults, to lead an energetic and healthy lifestyle through DANCE.

Don’t forget Bollywood Hungama is the only school in Surrey and South Surrey which teaches BOLLYWOOD Freestyle, Bhangra-Giddha, Hip-Hop, Breakdancing, Kathak, Salsa

what we offer

We take pride in having taught the youngest group of 3 years to 50 and above.
We aim at overall personality development of our young students through individual attention and hence we keep a low student teacher ratio. We make sure to provide stage for each and every student of our school so that they overcome stage fright and develop into confident individuals.

We do not want you to go beyond what you feel you can do and we can give you low impact alternative steps also. The steps learned can be re-choreographed into your own routines. You can tighten, tone, lose weight, improve your heart-health, prevent Alzheimer’s and have a blast doing it! We conduct classes for all ages and fitness levels for boys and girls, in a relaxed and supportive environment.

So join Bollywood Hungama Dance Academy today.. because this is where you are inspired to dance.



Interested in staying active and involved by dancing in a fun environment; Wish to individually train for your upcoming event; Want our Senior or Junior team to light up your event?


Let us plan your most delicate or complicated event while you prepare for your special night!


Want to make your child's birthday a memorable one? Let us organise a birthday party for you!